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 Name: Han jingran
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Company information 
Company:  Beijing Benzene Ring Fine Chemical Product Co.,Ltd
Address:    RM1006,Hongyu Building,No.7 xueyuan Road,Haidian District,Beijing China
Tel :           010-82306841/42
Fax:           010-82306832    
P,C:           100083
Warehouse address:    niantanArea, huangliangRoad daxing District Beijing China
Contact:    Huang jin hu
Tel:            010-61251096
 Fax:          010-61251744
Warehouse Address: Beijing Daxing Jingkai exit North 20 meter from Panggezhuang
  Contact: Lee to
  Tel: 010-61251096,15910848128
  Fax: 010-61251744
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