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Beijing benzene company "loyalty, struggle, cooperation, and innovation" business philosophy to human resources as the first strategic resources and solicit all kinds of talents, the company focus on the personal development of employees, focus on enterprise development through learning, and create a talent Growing up, through a series of targeted training, training, staff development for the company to promote new business talents. The company's development staff to create personal development opportunities, and build a staff to achieve their own career and life values the pursuit of the good development platform. With the rapid development of our business, we sincerely look forward to a good professional quality and marketing ability to join our team candidates should have basic conditions:
 Requirements: 1. Big Ben above with relevant industry
                      2. With at least one year work experience in the chemical industry sales
                     3. Good English and computer skills
                    4. Practical. A sense of responsibility and sense of teamwork
 Salary: Negotiable
Please send me your resume (in English each) by e-mail [email protected], fax, mail, etc. sent to my company.
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