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       The Beijing Benzene Ring Fine Chemical  Co.,LTD is an innovative specialty supplier of fuel and lubricant additives for transportation and industrial lubricants. Founded in 1999 in Beijing, Our product lines cover a wide range: engine additives, driveline additives, industrial oil additives, process improvers, fuel additives, services and equipment. We always have good cooperation with Research Institute of Petroleum Processing ,aiming to promote the upgrading of lube products.
    For the year 2006,we sold 4000 tonnes of products including 150 tonnes through exports .And today, we continue to provide quality products and innovative solutions to lubricant and fuel marketers so as to explore new market opportunities.
Comprehensive products portfolio   Add value to your lubricant products
Component------a full line of cost-effective products
Engine oil performance package ----- High performance formulating
Industrial oil additive ------meet customer’s ever increasing standards and needs
Fuel products ------ High fuel economy series
Metalworking additives ------lubrizol technological support and information
Aftermarket products-------rev up your business
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